Our Responsibilities


To explore and demonstrate innovative approaches on forest restoration and rehabilitation for promoting sustainable forest management in northern part of Lao PDR.


1/ To explore, test and demonstrate effective approaches on forest restoration and forest management and responding mechanism to generate sustainable flow of benefit to closely related stakeholders. 2/ To strengthen forest law enforcement and promote cooperation on trans-boundary biodiversity conservation. 3/ To share information and knowledge of best practices on forest restoration and rehabilitation.

OUTPUT 1 Forest land use plan at district and village levels developed

Activity 1.1 Develop strategic forest land use plan at 3 pilot districts. Activity 1.1.3 Interpret the satellite images. Activity 1.1.4 Conduct ground truth.

OUTPUT 2 The best practices and approaches for forest restoration and rehabilitation demonstrated

Activity 2.1 Demonstrate forest restoration and rehabilitation at selected plots.

OUTPUT 3 Forest inspection system improved

Activity 3.1 Develop forest law enforcement strategy.

OUTPUT 4 Capacity of forest staff and communities improved

Activity 5.1 Capacity needs assessment and plan for trainings.


Byphonepaseuth ມ.ຖ. 29, 2019


ໃນອາທິດຜ່ານມາ ກົມແຜນການ ແລະການເງິນກະຊວງກະສິກໍາ ແລະ